How to use electricity safely

Most of our homes and business premises today are run by electricity. Technology has simplified everything and getting lights on or an equipment working, can be as easy as turning on a switch. However, electricity isn’t totally safe, which is why we have to be always careful with its use. In the event you notice something out of the ordinary, you should always get an expert to help you out.  Here are 5 things that should make you call an electrician


  • Flickering lights


Most electricians will have the overhead light connections separate from the socket connections where you plug in appliances. Part of the reason is because both need different strengths of electric current with the overhead lights requiring much less. So it should be a cause for alarm when you plug in an appliance and the lights start flickering as this could indicate that the appliance circuits aren’t properly wired. It could also indicate a problem with the appliances themselves.


  • Lights that are dimmer than others


Lights that have the same connections should have the same intensity of light. In the event that one is dimmer or brighter than the others, it could indicate that there is a poor neutral connection.


  • Extension cords that ran under the carpet


When you have wires running all over the place, chances are that someone will end up tripping on them. They can also be damaged as equipment is moved in the room, especially, during cleaning. The worst thing that can happen is an electrical accident brought about by exposing naked wires.


  • Light switches feel hot

If you touch a switch and it feels too hot, then something is definitely wrong with it. Other switches also tend to shock anyone than comes in contact with it. Whenever you notice either of the two, then you should call an expert to check it out as it can be very dangerous.


     5) When moving

For your own security, it is good practice to have an electrician inspect a house if you are moving into or looking to sell. There are electricity rules and regulations that need to be followed. This will help in rectifying electrical faults that may be existing. This will keep the new inhabitants and their property safe.


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