Electrical Certificates (C.O.C)

An electrical compliance certificate has become an essential document in most real estate transactions. The law requires for a seller to have the certificate before selling a property. Even buyers are advised to ask for one from the seller before buying a property. This is because the certificate provides proof that the installation a property’s electrical system has been carried out to South African safety standards. This in turn means that the building will not pose any fire risk for the users. The law also requires that the COC Johannesburg be issued by a registered professional.

When in need of electrical certification in Johannesburg, we are the professionals you call. Not only are we registered to issue electrical certificates, we also have years of experience in the industry which has made us experts in the field. When you hire us, we will do thorough electrical testing & inspection in order to identify any safety issues with any building’s electrical system. We will then give you a detailed report on any changes that need to be made for the sake of safety and efficiency. The good thing about hiring us is that we can still carry out the necessary rectifications since we are also qualified electricians.

An electrical certificate of compliance Johannesburg is also necessary when making insurance claims if a property was damaged by fire. The certificate may mean the difference between getting compensated and not getting compensated. On top of issuing the certificates for commercial reasons, we also issue COC for home owners for their own peace of mind. It is always better to know that your family is living in a safe environment. At the end of the day, whether you want a C.O.C. for selling home, for insurance or for peace of mind, we are the best people for the job.